How to Market Your Home for Sale? Make it Appealing Online! | Liz Nederlander Coden
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How to Market Your Home for Sale? Make it Appealing Online!

appealing-onlineFirst impressions are the key, and those first impressions are now almost exclusively found online.

Curb appeal” is now “Online appeal“!   Rarely will someone actually drive by when searching for a new home.  Instead they will rule out your home by its appearance online.

The most important features that will make your home sell are:

~Photos ~Beautiful photos are the key, and lighting is the most critical feature!  Each room should be flooded with light. Dark rooms are a negative.  Buyers always buy the sunny home!

 ~Clutter~ It is very important to make sure the room does not look cluttered.  Be sure that it is not filled with a lot of small, distracting items.

 ~Too sparse is not good~ When a room is empty or sparsely furnished, this is not good either.  When there is little or no furniture, the room looks miniature.

 ~Curb appeal~ Neatness counts!  If your home, front lawn and foliage look neat, trim and uncluttered, then your house has great curb appeal!

 ~Buzz words~  The use of the right buzz words makes all the difference in the world.  The right buzz words should paint a gorgeous picture or highlight a special selling point.


Paint a gorgeous picture~ “Stunning Craftsman with Mountain Views”

Highlight a special selling point~ “Close within 7 days with no closing costs”

~Words to avoid~

Certain  words are overused and buyers interpret them differently than sellers.  Avoid words such as cozy, charming, conveniently located and efficient, as these words imply that the home is too small, too old, too noisy or too cramped.

Remember, the online buyer is trying to eliminate your home to save time. 

The buyer is “doing the driving online”!

 Do everything you can to make that buyer want to see your house in person.

Please contact me for more information on the best ways to market your home!


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