How close are current values to their peak prices? | Liz Nederlander Coden
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Real estate in San Diego is predicted to remain strong in 2015, as demand continues for homes for sale in San Diego.

How close are current values to their peak prices?

CV PhotoCountywide home prices have risen at such a rapid pace lately, some are wondering if current values have returned to their peaks. We’re not quite there, but certain areas are experiencing faster recoveries than others, as a U-T real estate analysis on Monday, August 12, 2013,  pointed out.

Wondering how far your ZIP code’s median price is from its peak? The list below has the answer for our local neighborhoods. For a complete list for San Diego County, click on the link below.

Zip Code      Neighborhood                    Quarter 2 2013  Median            Peak Quarter        Quarter 2 2013 vs Peak

92130            Carmel Valley                             $822,500                                 $850,000                  -3.2%

92024            Encinitas                                     $740,000                                 $800,000                  -7.5%

92037            La Jolla                                        $985,000                               $1,135,000                 -13.2% 

92131             Scripps Ranch                            $640,000                                  $752,500                 -15.0%  

92014             Del Mar                                     $1,267,500                               $1,675,000                -24.3%  

92075            Solana Beach                              $925,000                                $1,250,000               -26.0%  

92118             Coronado                                  $1,125,000                               $1,650,000                -31.8%

92101             Downtown                                  $450,000                                 $731,000                  -38.4%      

For a complete chart of medium home prices by zip code in San Diego County, visit:         




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